ALTER teamed up with the creatives at Leo Burnett to help them celebrate their 80 years of accomplishments. Working together, LB and ALTER developed this congratulatory ad for the Clio Hall of Fame.  It started by searching high and low for the perfect pencil sharpener. This was like taking a trip back in time, back to grammar school!  Alter examined over a dozen sharpeners, until finding the perfect one, to represent the traditions and consistent hard work that makes Leo Burnett employees and their campaigns world famous. After getting the right shot of the sharpener, our ALTER cgi artists created the impossible – a photo-real giant pile of pencil shavings.  ALTER built a simple model of the pile, then randomly arranged 30 different shapes and textures of pencil shavings on the wire frame for the very organic feel in this final render. To top it off, our artists used their talent and ability with photography and lighting to give this ad the high end studio look, enticing the viewer’s focus to the pile, for the ultimate symbol that tells the story of their award winning work.  Congrats to all.