Testimonials have value! When Paul Aresu was hired at DraftFCB, to shoot Merck Hypoglycemia Awareness campaign last summer, intentions aimed high, combined efforts equaled award winning results.  Nominated for Manny Award by MedAd News in category of “Best Disease Awareness” campaign, running against 21 campaigns in their category, they’re now Final 3. Their Art Director emailed me, and here’s his words…..”It was a pleasure then and it’s a pleasure now to share this congratulatory news with you. From Paul, to Mikey, to Sally and more, our shoot was an awesome experience with quality results. Hopefully, if the stars align, we’ll get some hardware from this. If not, it’s an honor to be nominated and it’s a reflection of your team’s commitment to excellence. Our team from Draftfcb couldn’t be prouder to share this with you. Much love and appreciation.”  Thank you Michael!

Photo: Paul Aresu / Agency: Draft FCB / Award: MedAd News

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ALTER – This is NOT a thankless job!

ALTER brings it home.  Can you imagine the thrill to receive “thanks” email on Sunday evening from our client? Yes, ad agency ‘partner’ – last night!  After ALTER worked tirelssly for weeks creating CGI (organics are challenging in collaborative process leading to animation) to develop perfect images. Sketches, tweaks, revisions, back n’forth is integral part of it all.  ALTER made it totally worthwhile when this arrived:  ‘Thanks to you and your team for working so hard to deliver exactly what the client is looking for.  It’s GREAT.”

CGI + photo by ALTER


ALTER CGI GatorSpoon

CGI GATOR SPOON agency: GSW Worldwide CGI: Alter

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When Paul Aresu goes out to shoot, the response from clients is phenomenal.  This morning alone, three testimonials filled with praiseworthy phrases for Paul and his team for shoots this week.  “You really nailed this project for us!” “Your shoot was easily the smoothest we’ve ever had…the quality speaks for itself.” from CNBC.  “I’m just so thrilled with how everything went, from Commonhealth, “accolades from client to you and your crew…. really, really enjoyed working with you.” And from Palio, after shooting video and print “Great working with you and your team.”   Go Paul!  Go Team!

photo by Paul Aresu

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2FAKE CGI – 3D Masters

Testimonials are an effective way to share other reactions (than my own) to the work I am so proud to represent.  When I e-blasted these CGI images created by the phenomenal artists at 2FAKE, imagine how gratifying to have the response come right back that said:  ‘WOW! That’s really awesome work.  Thanks for sending.’  Our intention is to inform and educate the creativing community about the work from 2FAKE.  CGI offers opportunities and challenges, creating artwork that’s impossible to to capture through photography, less effective with illustration.  Exploring the ‘virtual’ world  with ‘virtual’ photography through research, sketches, and like the sculptor, create the model, add texture, then light, you reach the final phase of the process, and retouch; the outcome is beyond the limit where we could go before now with expanding technology.   The realm of new possibility renders an exciting place to live, especially with the superb 2FAKE!

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ROBERT TARDIO for Elie Tahari

If truth be told – these are RAW captures!  That’s right, no retouching, pure photography – and I’m bold enough to want to share them this way.  It’s the only way to tell absolute truth about Robert Tardio, his talent and vision.  I once read that “exceptional images are more than pretty pictures.”   For Robert, his images represent an approach, a passion, and pure instinct to be in a relationship with his subject.  They define his photography, they propel his Art Director, and in the commercial world of fashion retail, they are non-verbal strategy that actually creates business – pure and simple – they create “Sales!”  So when Elie Tahari wanted moody, dramatic, glamourous lighting, they came to Robert Tardio.  What they wanted were sexy images to  move the buyers at their core.  They relied on Robert’s ability to capture the Elie Tahari product and make you want to possess them.  I think Robert did an awesome job here – what do you think?

photo by Robert Tardio / client: Elie Tahari - Elyse

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