When Paul Aresu walked onto the field at the Rose Bowl last week, he was playing for real.  Hired by Creative Director to photograph The League, they wanted Paul’s narrative style for their new campaign.  FX Network wanted Paul’s signature photography and his ability to work with people.  Shooting alongside broadcast is always exciting (and challenging).  These huge productions filled the arena with vans, trucks, the largest lighting set-ups imaginable and tons of protection for that sacred ground.  Paul had his own A-team from Aresu Digital by his side (as always) to develop extraordinary imagery as they do on a daily basis.  (I never walk into their studio when there isn’t some incredible picture up on the computer screen in development under the tight direction of Paul).  Now back to The Rose Bowl!  So FX new campaign is slated to promote hit comedy show The League.  Paul masterfully worked their team and his crew photographing each member of the cast then creating final iconic Aresu images using innovative techniques developed over years and year.  While I am not at liberty to show you those pictures yet, here’s a few that illustrate Paul Aresu style. Thank you Paul and FX for an incredible shoot.