Testimonial:  “Paul, I think everything looks fabulous. The look and feel of your shots are exactly what this brand needed. Love the energy you got from the couples, the lighting, color palette, etc. all work perfectly for what we want the Ever Us brand to be. The client is also very excited about the way this is all coming together. Specifically, Lori Glass has been very complimentary of the work. Let’s just say we had a good problem on our hands — having too many beautiful shots to choose from. Everyone at Sterling she’s been showing the work to for approvals has been very complimentary as well. And that’s not often easy.  Thanks again to you, Mike and your entire group for such a smooth shoot and the great results. I love it when a plan comes together. I hope we can work together again on more for this brand or maybe another client in the future.” www.paularesu.com