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Testimonial for Paul Aresu!  Proud to share our client’s words from a happy Art Director who wrote…..

“Paul, I think everything looks fabulous. The look and feel of your shots are exactly what this brand needed. Love the energy you got from the couples, the lighting, color palette, etc. all work perfectly for what we want the Ever Us brand to be. The client is also very excited about the way this is all coming together. Specifically, Lori Glass has been very complimentary of the work. Let’s just say we had a good problem on our hands — having too many beautiful shots to choose from. Everyone at Sterling she’s been showing the work to for approvals has been very complimentary as well. And that’s not often easy.  Thanks again to you, Mike and your entire group for such a smooth shoot and the great results. I love it when a plan comes together. I hope we can work together again on more for this brand or maybe another client in the future.”


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Proud to share sentiments of our client at Grey Healthcare about photographer Paul Aresu after a recent LA shoot:
FROM: Hiromichi Sakurai at Grey Tokyo
Paul-san, There are not that many occasions in life that we encounter true professionals. This shoot gave me that opportunity to observe the professionalism firsthand. Clients that excel with a deep understanding and open minded attitude, all the Grey creatives and supporters that will not compromise on the quality of work they deliver and a photographer who has an eye to capture that perfect exciting moment, that’s you, Paul!! I deeply appreciate your kindness for listening to my comments gracefully.
I look forward to seeing you some day, somewhere  when our paths cross again.
Thank you for everything!!


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Lowe Campbell Ewald wanted Paul Aresu to shoot print during Milk TV spot with Kelley O’Hara.  Director Hudson Dusters from Greenpoint Pictures, Paul Aresu and the LCE were A-team for this collaboration. Having only a few hours with Kelley, production was challenged to find the perfect location that’s not only “clearable,” but also right for the story they wanted to tell.  Brooklyn Bridge Park was not available; most parks had fences around them, making it hard for Kelley to meet the ball while on the run; others were surrounded by track fields, tennis courts, or were just too small.  Production opted for Bushwick Inlet in Williamsburg, close to the location where Kelley is captured running on the bridge with a vista of Manhattan.  Our stylist Lori Upbin coordinated wardrobe, with Kelley bringing everything she wears during practice; high top socks, shin guards, cleats, but creatives opted for the cooler sponsor “look” by Under Armor (the brand of choice).  Moving ahead regardless of forecast for inclement weather, Paul pulled this production off!! A horrendous storm, torrential downpour, and 50 mile an hour gusts, blew Paul’s set over even with 6 assistants holding down the silks.  It became dangerous and impossible to shoot.  Changing gears with TV in place is monumental and expensive. Paul’s quick response moved print to Brooklyn’s Drive-In Studio that our producer found available only a few blocks away. Paul re-set his lights and pulled off this super shoot on “Built with CHOCOLATE MILK.”  Our invaluable Art Producer, Hillary Jackson was so invested in our success, she allowed this shoot to go even without getting prior approval from client for change of venue.  Paul captured background plate of storm clouds as the shoot moved into the studio.  Excitement abounds on a shoot like this one.  Go Paul, go LCE, go Kelley!!  Every shoot has a story….this is one I love.

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Community Table Welcomes Photographers To The Table – Including our own Paul Aresu

Community Table and Workbook host the first photographers’ Roundtable. Agency professionals and top photographers come together with the idea that there is nothing more powerful than education. Read how the group delves into the challenge of staying relevant once a career is established, while running a business.


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PAUL ARESU – Dramatic Bodies

PAUL ARESU can turn the human body into a work of art.  As a brilliant director, Paul guides the model to contort their bodies into sculptural poses.  Combining dramatic light and visual effects – Aresu Digital transforms the studio to detailed landscapes.


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PAUL ARESU trades city streets for woodland trails


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Derek Jeter’s Last Hit at Yankee Stadium

Paul Aresu catches Derek Jeter’s last hit at Yankee Stadium.  Paul lives, breathes, and photographs sports.


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PAUL ARESU Makes it Real for JANUVIA

PAUL ARESU Januvia campaign for Harrison & Star is an impeccable production.  When CD Brian Bace wanted authentic captured moments, Paul is “go-to” guy,  blending directorial ability with photographic talents.


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PAUL ARESU Cuts to the Edge with CrossFit

PAUL ARESU headed to back streets of Brooklyn for drama, texture and light to shoot these world class CrossFit athletes in their isolated moments of training hard. www.paularesu.comLIVEBOOKS_SPORTS_2_011


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