When Art Producer pal Amy Salzman told me to give a party, I listened!  Bringing people together outside the pressure-cooker of photo production and cgi sounded like a great idea.  While I’m not usually a party-giver, I love people….and I am always down for a good time! I found the perfect place, Hotel HGU!  Ordered delicious eats to express my love of Italy! Booked a DJ and photographer, of course!  Our 1st Annual Fall Aperitivo came to life. This year was a small group… only my artists and their creatives came out.  Totally awesome group of people who I love.  We create images for advertising and work closely with our clients, so hanging out in a dark bar with food, drinks, and music… that came easy to us.  Next year, we’ll add our production teams to liven up the place.  Haha!  I can’t thank everyone enough who showed up.  We had a good time!

Janice Moses Represents’ 1st Annual Fall Aperitivo at HGU New York on November 14, 2017 [Photo courtesy of Nicholas Rhodes / OutSnapped.com]