When Nicolas Rieben, creator of 2Fake announced he’s traveling to Africa with his father and six-year old daughter, the excitement in him was overwhelming.  Being Swiss, he was bred with that European mentality that if it’s August – you take vacation.  No guilt!  You just do it!  But Nico is such a responsible man while still being the consummate artist, he would never leave his clients without the support team in place – he needs to complete every assignment that he’s accepted.  So when he sent me this image as his symbol of what to expect “Summer at 2Fake” to look like, all I could do was laugh, and of course think, ‘I’ve got to show the world’.  Until you know him, you’ll never completely understand his wit, his warmth, and his dark side.  I am so fortunate I do.  To celebrate our departures for summer holidays, we had an amazing dinner before he left with my daughter, dining at this fabulous Korean restaurant in Williamsburg that Nico loves (very very cool) and had the most delicious time.  See ‘work in progress’ from 2Fake studio here too!

Rhinos Tunnel . CGI . by 2Fake
Rhinos Texture . CGI . by 2Fake
Fedex Travels the Brooklyn Bridge . CGI . by 2Fake
Tale of A Whale . CGI . by 2Fake