If truth be told – these are RAW captures!  That’s right, no retouching, pure photography – and I’m bold enough to want to share them this way.  It’s the only way to tell absolute truth about Robert Tardio, his talent and vision.  I once read that “exceptional images are more than pretty pictures.”   For Robert, his images represent an approach, a passion, and pure instinct to be in a relationship with his subject.  They define his photography, they propel his Art Director, and in the commercial world of fashion retail, they are non-verbal strategy that actually creates business – pure and simple – they create “Sales!”  So when Elie Tahari wanted moody, dramatic, glamourous lighting, they came to Robert Tardio.  What they wanted were sexy images to  move the buyers at their core.  They relied on Robert’s ability to capture the Elie Tahari product and make you want to possess them.  I think Robert did an awesome job here – what do you think?

photo by Robert Tardio / client: Elie Tahari - Elyse