Every now and again, I want to tell a story!  This assignment inspires that sensation.

When Art Producer Jason Hall calls for Alter to create this 3-story billboard, that’s exciting.  I knew immediately it was Times Square! Pericscope/Minneapolis want ALTER. Premier creative production wins work. Juan Salas, Director of ALTER’s CGI core team, heads up team of artist Richard Robert, lighting specialist Eric Sahrmann. Launching to establish relationships with Periscope Creatives, our goal is achieve an image that’s grounded in reality. Exaggeration of the real world that combines imagination with technical expertise. Research begins by studying trunks of the oak, branches of the maple, knots behind which characters would hide. Using software that simulates real world physics, math-based and intuitive (like those used in feature films and video games), tweaks how gravity affects branches and leaves, wind and randomization – ALTER’s approach was brilliant.  The artists sculpt by hand, program, and create texture maps, depth and dimension to produce a stylized photo-real tree. During our creative process, Juan, Richard and Eric are in constant stream of communication with Periscope.  Invested in the project, stepping outside the comfort zone, that’s new normal at ALTER.  Refining techniques, learning while they create, “seeing client excitement, it’s always gratifying!” At ALTER CGI, team builds wire frame, applies bark, creates translucent leaves, carefully monitor internal structure, with focus on every detail and nuance connected to artwork that makes this image believable.  Even pulled a few all nighters over that lighting, to give the finishing touches. The exchange of ideas and client feedback equalled flawless results. Inherent concerns with large size outdoor boards is formatting files impacted every step in the pipeline including the actual build, compositing, retouching and final renders.  New horizons on the cutting edge with content, media, and visual effects create artwork from this premier studio and it’s just another day at the office.  Cool. www.thinkalter .com