APA sponsored a highly informative evening last night.  Top-notch professionals, panelists from across the landscape of our industry, were invited to share the riches of their knowledge and experience.  They were fabulous!  Kaia Hemming, JWT Art Buyer, Travis Cain, Kiehls, VP Global Creative Director and Sarina Finkelstein, Photo Editor for four Time Inc. magazines (not one, four!!) had a candid conversation with us moderated by Artist Rep Andrea Stern. Inviting questions and providing vast amount of accurate information to a hungry audience of photographers and only a few reps.  My photographers PAUL ARESU and ROBERT TARDIO inspired me to attend this event because “Why We Hire YOU” was headline.  Thanks guys! We never stop learning.  We never stop refining how we practice our craft. I will never stop being fascinated by this amazing business – and feeling lucky to work with amazingly creative people.

APA Panelist / JWT Art Buyer Kaia Hemming - Instagram by Janice Moses