Barbra Walz, my tribute to you! I began my career in New York City representing BarbraWalz.  She was an extraordinary person.  Exceptional photographer, exquisite woman, great style and lovable wit.  And she was a cancer survivor.  Her pictures brimmed with intelligence; they were packed with the essence of relationships. I was in awe of her New York Times Magazine covers, book covers in a world of famous people with images that made lasting impressions.  Her vast talent resided inside a woman who had one leg as she was 14 years old when the other was amputated at the hip from cancer.  This never stopped her.  Not from having two amazing daughters or strolling onto movie sets hired by great directors who wanted Barbra to shoot their film stills.  She was a real favorite. Today, Barbra Walz’s photograph of Ralph Lauren is used for The Oprah Interview to promote their conversation that airs this week, one of Oprah’s final interviews.  I’m thankful to Barbra’s husband, my dear friend Kevin Walz, for allowing us to publish this image, giving honor to pictures with lasting appeal.  We honor Barbra Walz along with Ralph, Oprah, Kevin and our beautiful families for carrying the torch of our passions.Ralph Lauren - Photo by Barbra Walz

Ralph Lauren – Photo by Barbra Walz