Otterly ridulous! Carli Davidson and Tracy Morgan linked by this otter!! Really#!?#! When 3O ROCK called for permission to use Carli’s picture (of the otter!!) on their show… we ran over and signed the release.  We love that show!  We love Tina Fey! When we heard their story – that Tina walked into the writer’s room carrying Carli’s picture – telling her writers to get busy with a script – we beamed.  30 ROCK sent their super smart (and super cool) researcher to find us. They didn’t want to violate copyright laws and publish Carli Davidson’s picture without permission.  YUP, they’re smart (and funny!) We gotta a tour of the studio, got to watch Alec Baldwin work, and had a superfine time!!  Go Carli … go us!

Tracy Morgan Looks Like This Otter - Photo (of Otter) by Carli Davidson
Carli Davidson & Janice Moses on 30 ROCK - Really !#?%!