Seldom does a global Pharma agency award TWO campaigns to ONE photographer with back-to-back shoots. But that’s exactly what happened last Fall when the amazing ART PRODUCER Zully Ortiz at Havas Health awarded our awesome photographer JUSTIN L’HEUREUX both campaigns. Since we can’t show the pictures, we’ll share a little about the main ingredients that made this happen. TRUST is the big word that started the conversation.  Exceptional TREATMENT created by JUSTIN that spelled out exactly what he planned to do and how he’ll shoot.. this was essential. TALENT is assumed from everyone!  Top notch PRODUCTION team is mandatory (that’s the incredible Heather Smith of Smith & Union, she rocks!).  Ability to handle LOGISTICS is an integral part of these shoots because every day for two weeks our team is shooting at a different location.  (Some days, two locations!). Moving 20 vehicles for a production like this where Justin is working with available light takes impeccable TIMING.  Fabulous MODELS cast locally made it easy.  Delicious LUNCHES were essential cuz there’s a few people who only care about the food (haha).  Nice WEATHER is a blessing. Beautiful SAN DIEGO LOCATIONS that match the Art Directors’ vision are a must.  Clients who LOVE the work .. that’s the only way to have SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Oh and of course, creating ESTIMATES that work with BUDGETS to win the final APPROVAL. So much to say, mainly BIG THANKS TO ALL, and of course, let’s JUST DO IT all again!  We love to make MAGIC!