Early this morning, long before I was fully awake, this homage was being composed in my head. Paying tribute on Father’s Day was never a natural part of my life since my own father passed away when I was nine years old.  Mom and I didn’t make a fuss over the memory of the first man I loved. Even becoming a parent, I didn’t fully participate in this day’s festivities because I’m a single mom and Dad wasn’t there initially.  Having my daughter when the tv show Murphy Brown was popular made it seem ok to be a “single mother by choice” so we missed out on celebrating Dad.  Today, I’m taking time to change that, and send love and cheer out into the world to all the fathers – and start afresh!

So here I am… .writing to all the special men in my life to say Happy Father’s Day!  Having my daughter has been the best experience of my life and my greeting goes to all the men who make Mother’s Day possible!

First to Michele’s Dad, who has a loving relationship with his daughter that warms my heart beyond words.  Life is good! And life is full of amazing Dads, wonderful men who cherish their kids and are open, loving, responsible fathers who make the world a better place. I send love to Michele’s god-father whose been my dear friend, a great dad – and my client who granted  me permission to use the pictures in this post.

Next greeting is to my dear friends, some who have become family, like our landlord whose coming for dinner tonight.  He and his entire family are our close friends and neighbors. Best wishes to my artists, the photographers and cgi artists who make every day of my worklife rich and full.  We share a humanity that enlivens our business relationship, makes each of these men beloved people in my life.  Applause for my men friends, the Fathers and husbands of my beloved girl friends, and the art producers and my clients.  While I don’t actually know all these men, except through their wives, I feel a personal connection.  You guys bring love to our world.  This is your day to enjoy!

Finally, I’m inspired by pictures of Ralph Lauren by my talented photographer Barbra Walz, and the stories she told through her images for her book ‘The Fashion Makers.’  The enduring legacy and love she captured makes them feel perfect to share for this special day.

While we long for connection on Father’s Day to all the men who are far away, or gone, we have to cherish the relationships with amazing guys we’ll see tonight, connect with tomorrow, and wish all the wonderful Dads … Happy Father’s Day!