Art Buyers and Creatives attended LeBook Connections and Workbook Carnival in Chicago and I seized the opportunity to grab as many “selfies” as I could. My pal Emily Hoskins grabbed the camera for one shot because her arm is longer than mine. She’s good too 🙂  These women and men are the all-important members of our community who makes this world turn for my cgi artists, photographers and reps like me.  They are the reason I love this work.  They are smart, talented, knowledgable, hard-working people who I get to work with every day.  They stay on top of everyone of who facilitates creating images for advertising.  Here’s a few faces you may know: 1. Dawn Kleidon-Draft FBC,  2. Karen Blatchford-DDB Chicago,  3. Ken Zane-Leo Burnett  4.  Martha Switalski-Bader Rutter  5. Brandon Minga-Kohl’s, 6. Emily Hoskins-Upshot, Jim Armetta-Alter, Dawn Kleidon-Draft FCB, 7. Meghan Pearson-Ogilvy & Mather, 8. Tell us who you are,  9. Nicole Poull-Leo Burnett, 10. Marc Short-GSW/InVentiv Creative Studios, Ken Zane-Leo Burnett, 11. Rick Soldat-Corbet Accel, 12. Bill Prena-Alter, 13. Leslie Stuart-Kohl’s, Hector Santana-Kohl’s, 14. Emily Hoskins-Upshot, 15. Lori Watson–Workbook, Martha Switalski & Heather Bolyard-Bader Rutter 16. Mark Segal, Carolyn Potts,  17. Alter team Juan Salas, Abe Finkelstein & Eric Sahrmann.