“AFFORDABLE RUNWAY LOOKS” was The Early Show segment yesterday featuring Carmen Marc Alvo, designer to the stars for Red Carpet, cancer survivor who is bringing awareness to early detection through screening. Carmen Adriana, my friend and very talented stylist who coordinated this production, invited me to model wearing the ‘LBD’ the “little black dress”. Awakened at 4am to make this appearance was totally worthwhile. Why? Empowerment is a bonus from working with fabulous women: awesome make-up artist Maria Scali, terrific producer Margaret Tergler, and superb hair stylist who waved her hand over my hair and sent me off. Click on link, search for ‘Affordable Runway Looks’ to see me at very end of segment. Thank you Carmen & Carmen for reminding us to take care of ourselves. Thank you Boehringer Ingelheim for creating this drug that saves lives. We know good health is everything.

Yup that me!  in “Afford Runway Looks” on The Early Show
Behind The Scenes: with Stylist Carmen Adriana on The Early Show