RAW CAPTURES….that’s what’s in the camera.  See it live, there’s something about it that’s incredibly exciting.  LIVE!  Work done by masterful photographers, digital technicians, producers, stylist and the whole crew working together on set… it’s awesome.  Years ago, I walked around with polaroids in my pocket after the shoot that I clipped from the photographers table.  That was Polaroid film and those cameras are gone now from the commercial landscape.  Today it’s sophisticated electronics with digital camera, multiple computers, and vast amount of compositing, digital imaging, Photoshop and all the tools and toys any kid would wish for.  But the constant is this array of incredibly smart, talented artists working together creating light and finessing these captured plates that make your heart pound.  Drama, mystery, and total control. Here’s a recent shoot from Paul Aresu….  On his computer screen is a raw capture….scroll down to see Paul and his team, the actual location and then the ultimate… that final image by Paul Aresu and his 10 year collaborator, Mike Moskowitz of Aresu Digital.In Camera - image by Paul Aresu

Paul Aresu, Mike Moskowitz and their team on locationNYC location

Final Image - photo by Paul Aresu - digital by Aresu Digital