Why did Sr VP of Creative Services Jeff Tully want 2FAKE for Waters brand campaign?  Why was Meg Gallimore, ACD at Allen & Gerritsen determined to work with 2FAKE to express her vision of microorganisms that tell this story about transformation for her client?  Why was it imperative that these images be created by our 2FAKE CGI studio?  Because, A-G wanted a poetic portrayal of blood clots, nerve cells, budding HIV particles, cancer cells, E. coli bacteria in CGI  – and this requires mastery.  In the earliest stage of exploration, Nicolas Rieben sketched and modeled from references provided by the client, but it’s Nicolas’ artful interpretation, attention to light and form, total devotion to microscopic details, that is what shapes and defines this spectacular campaign.  So that’s why!  www.2fake.com