Move Over Estee Lauder!  When New York Times SundayStyles section published that headline June 12, 2011, Robert Tardio already completed his second photo shoot and was about to begin the next one for the new superstar in world of cosmetics – Bare Escentuals.  Their creative team flew to NYC from San Francisco to shoot with Robert again, and we remembered that it all began back when QVC introduced these two a few years ago.  When Leslie Blodgett, new high priestess of cosmetics industry, began on QVC she transformed the world again.  Being compared to icons like Estee Lauder, Max Factor, Revlon and L’Oreal – Bare Escentuals came out with a vengance, launching their mineral line that has special properties designed for youthfulness and lasting impression.  Just purchased by Shiseido, BE’s new blockbuster product features Robert Tardio’s gorgeous photography.  A few weeks ago, when their VP Creative walked into Robert’s studio with newest over-sized promotion book distributed to magazine editors globally – we were thrilled to see Robert’s work! Collaborating with super stylist Suzy Kim, Robert and Suzy created these exquisitely artful images.  As Leslie says, “amazing” and “awesome” – that’s Robert.  Thank you BARE ESCENTUALS!

BARE ESCENTUALS . Ready Smears . photo by Robert Tardio
BARE ESCENTUALS . Ready Pans . photo by Robert Tardio
BARE ESCENTUALS . Shadows . photo by Robert Tardio