Behind the scenes on every photo shoot is a group of people working together.  Best days are total harmony! Creative chaos, impeccable organization. Months of work leads up to each production: Agency brainstorming, client pitches, revisions on ideas, biding the job, re-bidding the job, endless negotiations, and finally the client/agency approval to move! Now our real work begins.

Gathering our essential team starts with our exceptional photographer, Justin L’Heureux. Talent, temperament, knowledge, ability, that’s all we ask.  Justin leads the shoot, interpreting the concept, communicating the idea, creating exquisite lighting while directing talent in a convivial atmosphere.  He’s a rockstar!  Next is our fabulous stylist Lori Upbin… everyone loves Lori! She anticipates Art Director’s needs and ideas before they even ask. The glue that holds it together is our producer.  On this shoot we worked with amazing Jake Hakanson, Hakanson Productions, who organized casting (with incredible Donna Grossman), books our studio, brings in catering ( love delicious breakfast and lunch to keep everyone happy and well-nourished) and finally, creates the essential and invaluable production book that gives meaning to the word “flow”.

When you think about the amount of prep work, and realize that there’s only one day to shoot, it’s an unforgettable experience. A fleeting moment of intense focus (that we all love).  We walk away wanting to do this every day of our life.  I’m involved from the beginning, working closely with my all-important Art Producer every step of the way.  Every agent/rep does it differently.  I show up as often as I can. There’s always something to learn. There’s always someone to thank! (Especially our agency and client, and every member of the our production team).  There’s even a picture to grab while not sharing much or giving away any secrets.  Gotta say, can’t wait to do it all again!